Sport offers a value-added proposition to every curriculum area; challenging critical thinking skills, decision making, and moral reasoning. The introduction of sport in the school environment, particularly through team activities, provides a social network for children based on common interests outside the classroom.

Athletic Eligibility

Sts. Peter and Paul School has adopted the guidelines contained in this section as a standard to be used by the administration in determining athletic eligibility based on a student's academic performance. They are in compliance with the Archdiocesan and the All Catholic Conference regulations.

A students academic eligibility will be determined each marking period based on his/her performance on the previous marking period except for the first trimester. Final decisions may be determined by the Athletic Director and the Principal.

A marking period is defined as a grading period at the end of which the school reports to the parents (using numerical or letter grades) the student progress in each subject area.

Academic eligibility is based on the student’s performance in the core courses (Religion, Reading/Literature, Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science); special classes will also be averaged.

A student is eligible to participate in interscholastic activities for the marking period if he/she, in the previous marking period, has met the following:

  • passed all core course
  • passed all special classes
  • has maintained at least a “B” in Physical Education
  • has no “F” in any subject
  • has maintained at least a 2 in PSG (Personal and Social Growth), in EED (Effort and Study Skills) in regular classes, and in EPC Effort and Prepared for Classes) in special Classes.
  • has maintained a 2.0 GPA

A student's grade point average is calculated by averaging the student’s total quality points by the total number of courses. Quality points are assigned according to the following system:

  • O/A-93-100
  • G/B-85-92
  • S/C-77-84
  • I/D-70-76
  • U/F-69
  • less (pluses and minuses are not considered)

An athlete who has been ruled ineligible may regain his/her eligibility once he/she has met academic requirements for the previous marking period. A student must be informed of his/her ineligibility and must be prohibited from further participation within three (3) days from the date on which the grades are disseminated to the parents. Progress report will be considered for eligibility purpose.

Inappropriate conduct during a game will result in disciplinary Sportsmanship is a vital ingredient for all team sports.

It is the responsibility of each principal and athletic director to enforce all eligibility requirements. The principal may waive the eligibility requirements in extraordinary cases.

Any student who does not attend school a minimum of three (3) hours may not participate in an interscholastic event on the same day.

Student may receive additional requirements from individual head coaches.

Required Forms /Physical Examination: The following forms must be completed before a student may participate in extra-curricular sports. We ask that you have both forms completed each year and returned to the coach's office by the first week of school.

  • Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation/Physical Statement: No student shall be eligible to represent the school in interscholastic Athletics or try-out unless there is on file a physician's statement for the current academic year. It must certify that the pupil has passed an adequate physical examination, and that, in the opinion of the examining physician, he/she is fully able to participate in school athletics. It must be stamped by the physician's office.
  • Athletic Consent and Release from Liability Certificate

Any student who quits a sport after being selected to the team will become ineligible for the remainder of the year.