Christopher Columbus High School Academic Olympics 2018-2019

Bronze Medal in General Skills Team- Anthony Morales, Selim Dumani, Anthony Vincent & Gustavo Mitraud
Bronze Medal in Math - Thais Estrada
Bronze Medal in English – Lucrecia Gestal
Silver Medal in Spanish - Andrea Castillo

Student of the Year Award - Award given to the top two students who have been in SPPS since Pre-kindergarten

and has the highest grade point average in the eighth grade class.
2019 Recipients :  Sofia Maria Lopez & Gianmarco Punzo

 Christian Leadership Award - Award given to the two students in the eighth grade class who have been witnesses to the Catholic faith values.
 2019 Recipients: Marta Jose Elorriaga-Groso & Bozidar Maslov

Sisters of St. Joseph Award - Award given by their peers to a student in the eighth grade class who exemplifies the Christian values and the charisma of the

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine.
 2019 Recipient: Gianmarco Punzo

Christian Lengyel Award - Award given to the student with the highest grade point average in the eighth grade class.
 2019 Recipient: Sofia Maria Lopez & Thais Estrada- Nuñez

Top 10 Presidential Award- Award given to the top 10 students with the highest grade point average in the eighth grade class.
2019 Recipients (in alphabetical order):  Thais Estrada-Nuñez, Isabella Giua-Abella, Taylor Jordan, Sofia Maria Lopez, Carol Medina, Lucas Moure, Gianmarco Punzo, Megan Roman, Simone Marie Serer & Sara Ines Valdes

Independant Schools of South Florida (ISSF) Star Award - Award given to students who set examples for others to follow; excels in one or more of these areas: academics, community service, citizenship, fine arts, athletics, student activities, perserverance, effort, dedication, commitment to positive goals
 2019 Recipients: Nicolas Acosta, Caridad Chade & Zachary Seymour

American Scholastic Achievement League 8th Grade Scholastic Challenge -  2019 Recipient: Lucas Moure

St. Brendan High School Academic Olympics 2018-2019
Gold Medal in Math - Thais Estrada

Bronze Medal in English - Lucas Moure

SilverMedal  in Science - Nicolas Portugues

SilverMedal in Stem  - Zachary Seymour & Bryan Palacios
Bronze Medal in Spanish - Maria Castro, Jan Velez
Gold Medal in Art – Pamella Martinez

Academic Achievements

Carlota E. Morales, Ed.D. - Principal              Father Juan M. Lopez - Pastor

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