Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School

Carlota E. Morales, Ed.D. - Principal              Father Juan M. Lopez - Pastor


1435 SW 12th Avenue Miami FL 33129 US   |  +1.305.858.3722  

The school curriculum aims to develop the total child through:

1. Moral and spiritual development

2. Intellectual and cultural information

3. Social Responsibility

4. Physical Fitness

The following content areas are developed at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School: Religion, Science, English, Literature (Reading), Mathematics, Computer Science (depending on grade), Social Studies, and Spanish (depending on grade). In addition, students receive instruction in Art, Music, and Physical Education. Religious Training: We hold that religious education has maximum priority in our basic education program.

The cooperation of parents in this area is vital. Such cooperation involves:

1. Participation in Sunday Mass;

2. Parental preparation of children for the Sacraments;

3. Special parish liturgies, adult education class and retreats.

Family Life, Always Our Children, and AIDS Education

The Archdiocese requires that all schools have a Family Life Program in grades K-8. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School follows carefully the spirit and guidelines put forth by the National Council of Catholic Bishops in their statement “Always Our Children”. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School is committed to providing the NCEA AIDS curriculum to our children. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact our guidance counselor.