Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School

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Homework Policy

Teachers may assign homework for purposes of reinforcing learning that has taken place at school and fostering habits of independent study and responsibility.  Assignments will be given with consideration of students’ varying ability levels. At no time should homework be an excessive exercise in “busy works” simply to take up time.

An assignment may not always be written work.  Homework time should include time for reading, research, and review.  A general rule for home study time is:


Grade 1 - 3: 45 minutes | Grades 4 - 5: 90 minutes | Grades 6-8: 150 minutes



Students should have a quiet, well-lighted place to study, seated at a table or desk, undistracted by television, radio, stereo, etc.  Homework should be done at about the same time each day.  It is most helpful if there is some kind of reference material in the home.  If the child finishes the assigned tasks before the end of the study time, please see that he/she has a book to read or research questions to investigate.


Homework must be turned in when the teacher stipulates unless an illness or emergency prevents this.  Such a situation should be rare, but if it does occur, a note signed by the parent must be sent to the teacher. Also, if a student has difficulty and is unable to do an assignment, a note signed by the parent must be sent to the teacher.