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library services

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The library is located in the second floor of the main building. It serves the entire school population, Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, and has on line access to the Internet. Four of the five computers in the library are solely designated for students' access to the Accelerated Readers' Program. The library houses a collection of of close to 9100 books as well as over 700 videos. All are available to the school population as reference material for research papers, projects, reading enhancement and accelerated reader's participation.

The library also expands its resources to the non-departmentalized classes. Classes from Pre-kindergarten to fifth grade have a mini-library for reading enrichment purposes. The mini collection contains approximately 100 books and the new series of on level reading books, below level reading books, and above level reading books from the newly acquired Pearson’s Reading Program. New media resources are acquired each year through school funds and private donations.

Library Schedule: 2016-2017 

Monday: Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth

Wednesday: PK-3 , PK-4 , K , 1 , 2

Friday: Third, Fourth, & Fifth

To access our library and electronic books, click here

(Some of the books will be marked as AR).

Circulation Policy

Circulating Copies Books are checked out for a period of one week. A maximum of three books may be checked out at any one time. Books may be renewed after the due date provided the student does not have an outstanding library fine, there is no one waiting for the book, and the student does not have overdue books.

Non-Circulating Copies Reference books and books that are deemed irreplaceable will not circulate. Students may use these books in our library. Access to a photocopier may be available if they need to copy a few pages of a book. Students are expected to respect all copyright laws. Current copies of journals and magazines do not circulate. Videotapes and DVDs are for the use of the teachers in the classrooms and may not be checked out by students.

Overdue Books, Lost Books & Damaged Books Overdue books will accrue late charges at the rate of 25 cents per book per day. Lost books must be paid for by the student regardless of the circumstances of the loss. There will be a minimum charge of $25.00 per lost book which will cover the cost of the book and the processing charges. If the replacement of the lost book exceeds $25.00, the student will be responsible for the entire replacement cost. Books must be returned in the same condition that they were checked out. The same penalties that apply to lost books will apply to damaged books.

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