Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School

Carlota E. Morales, Ed.D. - Principal              Father Juan M. Lopez - Pastor


Statement of Philosophy 

The fundamental objective underlying the educational process at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School is the development of the whole child.  To achieve this goal, we have designed an educational program in which the spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional, physical and intellectual capabilities of the students are nurtured, developed and challenged.  We recognize the parents as the primary educators of their children, and in cooperation with them, we strive to help each child grow.  Our mutual endeavor represents the cornerstone of an ongoing educational process culminating in academic excellence.          

As members of a Catholic community, we convey to our students the knowledge of the Gospel according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We provide them direction to grow in faith, acquire skills and develop the values necessary to undertake the labors encountered along the worthy path of a Christian.  Our instruction is permeated with a spirit of love and prayer where the acknowledgment of all humanity, regardless of race, creed or culture, plays a basic and supreme role within the learning process.  Thus, the students grow spiritually in an atmosphere where justice and peace are fostered and where generous service to the community is encouraged.

Statements of Belief ~

We Believe that: 

  •  Every student is a unique child of God capable of learning.
  • Learning takes place in a safe and healthy environment that reflects values of faith, hope, love, charity and justice, regardless of race, creed or culture. 
  • Education should be affordable within our community of faith.
  • Student learning is a priority, and using different teaching methods, give an opportunity for learning success to occur. 
  • A myriad of activities should be offered in order to meet the diverse needs of the students. 
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and they and teachers should work in partnership for the education of the students. 
  • Every student should be encouraged to use technology as a way of life in our multifaceted society. 
  • Ongoing evaluation is essential for the improvement of the curriculum in order to develop a sound sequential educational program. 

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